Update on WCMRC’s international benchmarking study


Back in late 2012, WCMRC initiated a benchmarking study to identify best management practices (BMPs) in the spill response industry and apply any relevant lessons to our own response capacity. The goal of the study is to establish WCMRC as a world-leading response organization (RO).

The study consists of three phases:

  • Research
    WCMRC staff are in the process of interviewing  and visiting ROs in Eastern Canada, Alaska, Washington, US Gulf, Norway, Australia and the U.K., including NOFO, ECRC, OSRL, SEAPRO and MSRC. The framework for the research is to examine each RO’s response regime and corporate governance, preparedness measures and response measures. We will benchmark their:

    • current state
    • BMPs
    • lessons learned


  • Analysis
    During the analysis we will identify the BMPs that are relevant to our operating environment and identify the gaps between our practices and the BMPs.
  • Strategy

For the final phase, we will develop a corporate roadmap with tactics to close the identified gaps, including timelines; prioritization and sequence for implementation; associated costs; staffing strategy; and, identifying any external partners or dependencies required to implement the BMPs. We will then incorporate this roadmap and tactics into our Five Year Strategic Plan.
The benchmarking study is expected to be completed near the end of 2013.

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