Canada’s first response organization

WCMRC is the Transport Canada-certified marine spill response organization for Canada’s West Coast. Our mandate, under the Canada Shipping Act, is to be prepared to respond to marine oil spills along all 27,000 km of British Columbia’s coastline and to mitigate the impact when a spill occurs. This includes the protection of wildlife, economic and environmental sensitivities, and the safety of both the responders and the public.


WCMRC delivers advanced marine oil spill response, prevention and recovery systems to manage and mitigate the risks of shipping in B.C.


Marine spill response harnesses the expertise of emergency responders to ensure a safe and effective resolution to an incident.

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WCMRC's Coastal Response Program

The Coastal Response Program is a key component of WCMRC’s response readiness regimen. The program is founded on strong partnerships with coastal communities, and aims to safeguard our coast from the impacts of marine spills.

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