The WCMRC Team

We at WCMRC have chosen careers in spill response because we want to have a real and direct impact on protecting our coast and reducing the harm of spills on our shores.

From deckhands and accountants to ex-military and biologists to geographers and deep sea mariners, our collective expertise enables us to deliver advanced marine spill response and lead innovations in industry best practice.


Kevin Gardner

Kevin Gardner


Dave Merrick

General Manager

Lee Hammond

Director, Operations

Scott Wright

Director, Response Readiness

Greg Quan

Director, Engineering and Maintenance



Our Operations team maintains, trains on and operates our response fleet and equipment.


Our Burnaby-based team oversees management of WCMRC’s entire coastal operation and serves as the support centre for our field operations.

Response Readiness

Our Response Readiness Team manages the Transport Canada-certification program, develops preparedness plans and explores advances in spill response technology.

Headquarters Operations

Join Our Team

Our team is prepared to respond to spills anytime, anywhere along B.C.’s entire coastline. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us. We are currently expanding.

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