We’re looking for team members who are committed to continuous improvement and personal growth. It’s a mindset. Every day we work to ensure that we’re operating to the best of our abilities with the safest practices. We seek out individuals who strive to achieve excellence in their work.

If you share our company values and believe that you have the necessary knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to succeed at WCMRC, then we would like to hear from you. 

Spill Response Careers

Our spill response team is comprised of marine professionals with diverse skills and experience. What they have in common is their ability to effectively manage and direct spill response procedures within the first few hours after response activation. Their actions can significantly reduce the negative impacts oil has on the surrounding environment. On a spill site, WCMRC personnel act quickly to assess and respond with appropriate spill response strategies.

Corporate Careers

Our corporate office is the support centre for our field operations. Support functions include finance, human resources, business support and response readiness. Project leaders oversee a variety of projects from developing geographic response plans to response readiness initiatives. A corporate career at WCMRC places you at the intersection of government, industry and B.C.’s coastal communities.

Current Openings