WCMRC wraps up cleanup in Prince Rupert

WCMRC cleanup operations

WCMRC has successfully completed the cleanup of a small oil spill that seeped out of an abandoned pipe on Prince Rupert’s harbour. Immediate action was taken on June 28th after the seepage was first observed. WCMRC was engaged on Sunday afternoon to contain the small quantity of liquid that reached the foreshore. Crews from WCMRC’s north coast base worked to clean the shoreline and immediate vicinity.

The pipe passes under property owned by the Port of Prince Rupert, terminating adjacent to the marine berth of Westview Wood Pellet Terminal. The containment and cleanup response was triggered when terminal staff reported a rainbow sheen near the tideline yesterday.

Since WCMRC crews were able to deal with the seepage before high tide the oil was contained to a small area. While the small quantity of escaped oil is believed to pose minimal risk to marine life and vegetation, an environmental consultant engaged by the Port Authority has been onsite since Monday morning to assess potential impacts.

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