WCMRC Responds to MV Marathassa Spill

On April 8th Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) was tasked by the Canadian Coast Guard at 20:06 to respond to a spill of unknown origin in English Bay. WCMRC crews deployed 40 minutes later and arrived on scene at 21:25 – 1hr and 19min after being activated by the Coast Guard.

WCMRC encountered significant product on the water in English Bay and began skimming operations immediately until the source of the spill could be identified. Once a suspected casualty had been identified, WCMRC wrapped the MV Marathassa with containment boom.

Within 20 hours of initial skimming WCMRC had recovered 80 per cent of an estimated 2,800 L of bunker fuel. Currently, less than 1 L of product remains on the water and the majority of operations have shifted to beach clean-up directed by officials from the BC Ministry of Environment and shoreline clean-up crews under the direction of WCMRC.

WCMRC deployed:

  • 6 of their 31 vessels, including two skimming vessels
  • 1,100 metres of boom
  • 35 personnel

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