WCMRC invests in underwater surveillance drone

Deep Trekker surveillance drone

Earlier this month, WCMRC’s Response Readiness team acquired a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to assist with a number of spill response activities. The underwater drone is manufactured by Deep Trekker (model DTG2 ). The team tested the underwater robot in a wave pool over the weekend and will perform ocean tests later this year. 

The ROV has the following applications:

Intertidal Substrate Determination: The ROV is able to view physical and biological features of the low-intertidal and subtidal zone, unconstrained by the tide cycle and time of year. This is especially useful in areas, such as Prince Rupert, where tidal variance is over 20’ at certain times of the year. Access to this information will improve WCMRC’s Geographic Response Strategies (GRS) and pre-spill Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Technique (SCAT) program.

Vessel Maintenance: The ROV can be used, in lieu of a diver, to address a variety of mechanical and maintenance issues on vessels.

Sediment Sampling, Water Sampling and Retrieval: The ROV is fitted with a sediment sampler, water sampler and retrieval grabber arm. These applications allow WCMRC to sample hydrocarbon concentrations in the sediment and water as well as retrieve sunken objects.

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