WCMRC cleans up Cates Park

Last week,  a crew of WCMRC volunteers took part in the 21st annual Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. The team covered approximately 1.5 kilometres of beach at Cates Park in North Vancouver. They removed more than 50 pounds of garbage, including:

  1.        Approximately 220+ pieces of broken glass
  2.        49 cigarette butts
  3.        60 recyclable bottles and cans
  4.        1 soccer ball, 1 trailer hitch, 1 piece of torn carpet
  5.        Other (250+ pieces)

According to the WWF, the shoreline cleanup is the biggest direct action environmental program in the country. Six cities from Vancouver to St. John’s, Newfoundland now take part in the conservation initiative.

Last year, 27,659 people signed up in British Columbia, removing more than 86,000 pounds of litter.

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