Port Alberni Response Base Construction Update

WCMRC is constructing a new spill response base in Port Alberni. The base is part of a larger expansion planned to meet enhanced response requirements associated with the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. This larger expansion will double WCMRC’s capacity and cut mandated response times in half in South Coast waters. As a part of the larger expansion, a number of new bases will be constructed, the majority of which will be located on Vancouver Island.

When complete later this year, the Port Alberni response base will serve as the primary response centre for spills off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Port Alberni will be the home of a new response marina, warehouse/office, off­ice facility and seven moored vessels.

What is happening with construction?

Construction of the base warehouse/office was recently completed, and crews are now moving into the new location. Moorage construction began in early June and will continue throughout the summer. We anticipate starting construction on the wharf guardrails this summer as well. Construction of the base is anticipated to be complete in fall 2021.

Where is this happening?

The Port Alberni base will include two sites located off of Harbour Road between Argyle Street and Bruce Street (at Water Street Wharf south of Harbour Quay and near the Port Authority’s office). The new base includes moorage off of Water Street Wharf and a warehouse/office space near the Port Authority’s office.

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