Health And Safety Policy

Western Canada Marine Response Corporation believes the health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance. Every employee of WCMRC has the right to a safe workplace.  The employer has an obligation to provide the resources and training necessary to provide a safe workplace and the employees have an obligation to observe safety regulations and carry out common sense safe work procedures.

The Management Team will:  

    • Through the active participation of all employees, strive to prevent accidents, injuries or occupational illnesses, and to improve the management of health and safety risks in all its operations
    • Emphasize individual responsibility and accountability, and require all employees to adhere to health and safety standards and legal requirements in the workplace
    • Provide the necessary resources required to train, promote and maintain its health and safety programs
    • Require all personnel, contractors and subcontractors on its job sites and in all spill operations to be responsible and accountable for their safety performance, and to adhere to health and safety standards and legal requirements;
    • Emphasize that “no task is so urgent that it cannot be completed safely”
    • Administer the program through the Health and Safety Committee and communicate all aspects of the program to management and other employees. Management will communicate the program to all contractors and consultants
    • Through the Health and Safety Committee, conduct appropriate reviews, evaluations and performance measures of its operations to ensure compliance with this health and safety policy and with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations of the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada
    • Empower employees to refuse, without fear of reprisal, to subject themselves or another worker to any situation they believe to be unsafe, a risk to health or a risk to the environment
    • Report and investigate all incidents and near misses in a timely manner and to ensure that further action will be taken, as appropriate


WCMRC strives to ensure that all employees understand their safety obligations. The obligations can only be fulfilled by constant vigilance and effort to identify hazards and unsafe work practices. Involvement in safety committees and cooperation with government officials, as well as with the company personnel charged with workplace health and safety improvements are critical. All employees must strive to protect not only their health and safety, but also the health and safety of their fellow workers and the general public.


No task is so urgent that it cannot be completed safely


Environmental Policy

Western Canada Marine Response Corporation is committed to environmental protection in all aspects of its operations.

Our Policy is to:

    • Manage all aspects of our business to ensure environmental standards and all legal requirements are met
    • Ensure that environmental hazards associated with company activities and operations are identified and assessed
    • Respond quickly and effectively to incidents and to cooperate with industry organizations and authorized government agencies
    • Emphasize individual responsibility and require everyone throughout the organization to adhere to defined environmental practices and procedures
    • Integrate environmental considerations into business planning, operating practices and training programs
    • Communicate with employees, members, the public and government agencies in a timely manner on the environmental aspect of the company’s activities and operations
    • Undertake appropriate reviews, evaluations and performance measures of our activities and operations to ensure compliance with this environmental policy