Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) and our eastern counterpart Eastern Canada Response Corporation (ECRC) have been engaged by members of the Canadian Fuels Association (CFA) to set up separately funded divisions, responsible for the implementation and coordination of a Land Spill Emergency Preparedness Program.


The Land Spill Emergency Preparedness (LSEP) Program is an initiative set up by CFA in order to:

    • Ensure a more consistent and adequate preparedness among responders
    • Increase the management process for the verification of contractors
    • Improve the overall preparedness capability for responding to land-based transportation incidents within the geographical area of interest


WCMRC/ECRC’s scope of work relates specifically to establishing a network of response contractors who meet minimum qualifications for preparedness (pursuant to the Land Transportation Emergency Response Guideline published by CFA) in the area of response personnel and equipment to respond to a land-based incident involving petroleum products in the land transportation sector.

land-spill-1WCMRC/ECRC will conduct yearly assessments of contractors to ensure minimum qualifications are being met with regard to equipment availability and maintenance programs for emergency response equipment. Contractors must also maintain a standardized level of training and conduct regular training exercises.

WCMRC’s area of operation includes the province of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.

ECRC’s area of operations includes the Prairie Provinces, Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic Provinces.

For existing members who currently have a dispatch agreement with ECRC, the agreement is automatically expanded to cover British Columbia at no extra cost. Therefore Western Canada Marine Response Corporation is being added as a party to provide dispatch services in connection with spills in British Columbia. A copy of the amended dispatch agreement can be found on ECRC’s website under “Land Based Programs Contracts”