Marine Contractors

A key component of WCMRC’s operational team is the well-trained and professional marine contractor network. Located throughout the province, these contractors sometimes have the greatest access to a spill and can be the first to arrive on scene. Together they are able to provide a wide range of response vessels of opportunity and marine equipment, as well as the valuable insight and technical skills that each member of their spill team possesses. In our commitment to maintain these contractor agreements, WCMRC enhances its ability to execute a quick, safe and effective spill response.


Fisherman Oil Spill Emergency Team

WCMRC’s FOSET program significantly enhances our marine coastal response capability. FOSET members are able to apply their extensive knowledge of our coastal waters in order to safely and effectively assist in the cleanup of spills. Along with the marine contractors, FOSET members receive comprehensive spill response training and are thus highly equipped to confidently analyze and minimize the impacts of oil spills in B.C.’s coastal waters.


Response Advisers

In any spill, there is a potential need for assistance in a number of diverse fields.

These include:

    • Shoreline treatment
    • Oiled wildlife rescue (Focus Wildlife)
    • Invertebrates and shellfish (Government Officials)
    • Archeological features
    • Coastal fisheries (Department of Fisheries and Oceans)
    • Incident Command Post personnel